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The Plantser Posse


A 7-Week Cohort Coaching and Mentorship Program


Starts July 16th


For aspiring authors who are ready to get serious about their dreams and write a novel they’re proud of in 2023!




Heather Davis


Give this program 7 weeks, and I’ll help you outline a novel guaranteed to Turn Casual Readers into Loyal Fans!


I'm Ready to Plot My Novel!

Stuart Wakefield

"Heather has a deep understanding of character motivation and backstory and her open-ended questions helped me resolve plot logic and come up with further plot points without losing the core of what I wanted to say... I made more progress during our video conference call than I had in the previous 18 months!"

Dianna Berrian

"Heather has a very patient and thoughtful style of mentoring. She really takes everything into consideration. She gets to know your story like it's her own and share in your excitement about all of the aspects of crafting."  



Jim Doe

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Does this sound like you?



Most writers feel that way…



Luckily, you can get off this rollercoaster of frustration and confusion… 


and finally plot your novel with total confidence (and a healthy dose of “Hell yes, I do this!”)


Inside the Plantser Posse


You’ll uncover how to create a story robust blueprint that keeps your writing 100% on track (so you always know exactly where the novel is headed) but still gives you plenty of creative flexibility so you feel excited about writing the next scene! 


But why do you need a certified book coach as a writing mentor?



Hey, I’m Heather! 


I’m an Author Accelerator Certified Book Coach, and I love helping aspiring diversity authors develop the skills and confidence necessary to create powerful novels that turn casual readers into loyal fans (and help change the world). It’s my jam! 


It’s actually my zone of genius


And I know something you don’t know...


The solution to writing an incredible novel (that you’re incredibly proud of) is NOT another how-to book. It’s not beautiful prose. 


And it’s NOT another writing conference or workshop. 


And it’s NOT just pounding away aimlessly on your keyboard until something brilliant drops onto the page (a thousand monkeys + infinite time + a typewriter = Shakespeare… am I right?).


And it’s not staying locked to your computer, trying to write a novel all alone in your “cave.” 



You need to get intentional and cut through the “writing advice noise.”


You need a step-by-step method + access to a real mentor (who knows exactly what readers and agents are looking for) so you can learn how to structure a novel that seduces readers


You need feedback on your work so you can grow and improve your storytelling skills. 


Why? Because a great novel needs a great structure. 


And, guess what? I will teach you how to build that structure so you don’t end up with a manuscript that stalls on page one, collapses right in the middle, or falls apart at the end. 


And, of course, so you don’t end up wasting years of your life writing a novel that goes nowhere


Look, I’ve always had a knack for knowing a good story from a boring or confusing one (my nickname wasn’t “book snob” for nothin’!), but it wasn’t until many years later when I started mentoring with story coaches Lisa Cron (Wired for Story, Story Genius, Story or Die), Jennie Nash (Blueprint for a Book, Blueprint for a Nonfiction Book, etc.), and Ben Frahm (Save the Cat) that I learned exactly why some stories resonate and cause dedicated fans to make Spotify playlists in their honor… and others just feel as dull as stale melba toast. 

So, what did I do?


I brought my 14 ten years of teaching experience to the table and developed a robust system that teaches writers exactly how to blueprint a novel that readers will find absolutely unputdownable!

Inside the Plantser Posse you will…



1. Figure out exactly what you’re trying to say without rewriting your book multiple times. 


Without a plan, even a talented writer produces 5 or 6 drafts of a novel to get it right. That process feels excruciating and can literally take years. You want to avoid that by having a solid outline that allows you plenty of creative flexibility but keeps you from wasting time writing a draft that goes nowhere. 


2. Create unforgettable characters who readers gush about. 


Want to be BookTok famous? Want readers to post sketches of your characters on Instagram? It all starts with characters that readers can’t get enough of. And that’s what this program aims to teach. 


3. Finally understand how plot and character arc fit together. 


Everyone talks about it, but no one really teaches it. Until now. Inside this cohort program we dig into the details and make sure you understand exactly how plot and character arc fit together. 


4. Nail down why you want to write this book and why others will want to read it.


Writing a novel is hard. And understanding your "why" will give you the motivation and drive you need to keep writing when giving up feels easier. That's why in this program, You’ll learn how to nail down your “why” and the message you want to convey to your readers.


5. Never get lost in the plot points again.


When it comes to writing a novel, it's easy to come up with exciting events, but it's hard to know if they actually fit in with the overall plot and serve the greater story. In this program, you’ll learn how to create a robust cause-and-effect trajectory that resonates with readers. 


6. Unlock your protagonist’s unique and engaging backstory that will drive the narrative. 


A character's backstory is a critical element that helps drive the narrative forward. In this program, you'll learn how to create a backstory that is not only unique but also engaging, drawing readers in and keeping them invested in your story.


7. Connect with a community of writers and find your tribe.


Say goodbye to feeling like a lone wolf and hello to a pack of writing friends who have your back and understand the exhilaration and frustration of writing a novel. We'll share tips, strategies, stories, and maybe even some writing memes (because let's face it, sometimes you just need a good laugh). We’ll lift each other up, give each other valuable feedback, and be each other’s support system. 


8. Overcome imposter syndrome.


Say goodbye to feeling like an imposter and hello to feeling like an author-in-the-making. By investing in yourself and your writing dreams, you'll gain confidence and be one step closer to achieving your goals. Who knows, maybe you'll even start introducing yourself as an "author" at parties (we won't judge).


9. Invest in your dream and make it a priority. 


If you're serious about writing a novel, it's time to invest in your dream and make it a priority. By prioritizing your writing and dedicating time and resources to it, you're sending a message to yourself (and others) that this is something you're committed to achieving. This program is a deal you make with yourself about the future you want. 

Time to Get Clear and Confident on Your Prose So You Can FINALLY Finish That Novel…





1. Seven Pre-Recorded Modules: 


Get ready to binge-watch some seriously helpful videos! I've packed seven modules full of tips and tricks to help you level up your storytelling skills. So grab some popcorn (or your snack of choice) and get ready to soak up some knowledge.


2. Facebook Community: 


Our private Facebook community is the perfect place to connect with fellow writers, share your wins, and commiserate about writer's block (because misery loves company).


3. Live Q&A Calls with Hot Seat Editing Opportunities: 


Got a burning question about your novel? I've got you covered! Join our Q&A calls to get answers to your most pressing writing questions. Plus, you'll get to chat with other writers and learn from their experiences too.


4. Step-by-Step Workbooks for Each Section: 


We're all about taking things one step at a time here. That's why I've included easy-to-follow workbooks that guide you through each module. Think of it as a roadmap to becoming a writing ninja.


5. Add on Private Coaching Sessions: 


Sometimes you just need a little one-on-one time with a pro. That's why I offer the option to schedule private coaching sessions with me for a fraction of the cost of my regular private coaching sessions.

I Want to Join the Cohort!



1) 🎉A 30 minute onboarding call with me (Heather) where we go over exactly what you want to get out of the program and the specifics of your novel (Zoom Call)🎉

Let's kick off your program the right way! In our 30-minute onboarding call, I'll walk you through exactly what you want to achieve and the nitty-gritty details of your novel. It's a chance for us to chat and get to know each other while making sure we're on the same page about your goals. Trust me, this personalized session will set you up for success and give you the clarity you need to make the most of your program.


2)🎉 The 7-Step Guide to an Unputdownable First Chapter (Guide)🎉

Are you struggling to write that perfect first chapter that'll hook your readers right from the start? No worries, I've got you covered! In my 7-Step Guide, I'll walk you through everything you need to know about crafting an unputdownable first chapter. We'll cover all the dos and don'ts of starting your novel off right, so your readers can't help but turn the page. Let's make sure your readers stick around for the whole story, shall we?


3) 🎉How to (Confidently) Write Protagonists from Marginalized and Diverse Backgrounds (Guide)🎉

Are you looking to write a protagonist from a marginalized or diverse background, but feeling a bit nervous about it? I totally get it. It can be tricky to navigate that territory without falling into stereotypes or causing unintentional harm. But don't worry, I'm here to help! My guide will give you all the tools you need to write authentic and respectful characters that do justice to the communities they represent. I'll walk you through the do's and don'ts of writing diverse characters so that you can confidently write the story you've been dreaming of. Let's make sure your writing reflects the beautiful diversity of our world!


4) 🎉Show & Tell: The Key to Engaging and Meaningful Storytelling (eBook)🎉

Hey, are you ready to take your storytelling game to the next level? Then check out my ebook guide on the art of "Show & Tell." This little gem is packed with invaluable insights and tips from the book Launch Pad: The Countdown to Writing Your Book. It'll teach you how to create vivid and engaging scenes that'll have your readers begging for more. Trust me, once you master the art of "Show & Tell," your storytelling skills will be off the charts!


5) Complete Editorial Review of Your Materials! (Editorial Letter and Zoom Call)

Are you ready to take your novel to the next level? Usually, only my private clients get this kind of 1:1 treatment, but now it's your turn! Get a complete editorial review of your plot and character arc materials, plus a 45-minute private Zoom call with me, Heather, to go over all my juicy editorial advice. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, this review is guaranteed to give your story the boost it needs to shine.



Ready to be one of the rockstars inside of The Plantser Posse?




One-time payment of $600


(Spots are limited because I want this to be a super intimate group!)

I'm Ready to Join!!!

Frequently Asked Questions


Make No Mistake:


The most profound way you can improve your novel’s chances of finding loyal readers (and maybe an agent and a publishing deal) is by having an industry insider as your mentor…


Because you’re a passionate writer. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. But being stuck in the I-don’t-know-if-this-novel-is-any-good keeps you from writing a novel worth reading. 


And all the “expert” writing advice on the internet doesn’t help. 


At best it’s incomplete, and at worst it’s blatantly incorrect. 




That’s why robust writer-centered modules paired with expert mentorship is always best.


You’ll learn exactly what readers and agents want, and I’ll be there to make sure you fully understand the material and can put it to work in your own writing. 

Which leaves you with 3 choices…


1. You can continue scraping together bits and pieces from different writing websites and hope you cobble it together the right way.


2. You can invest thousands of dollars to hire a developmental editor who will highlight the major issues with your manuscript without ever teaching you how to avoid those same problems in your next novel.


3. OR… you can follow the simple, step-by-step, proven path that teaches you exactly how to structure your novel. 


If you want a solid, blueprint this year… then maybe Option 3 is calling to you. 




Then I’d LOVE to give you and the system, community, and mentorship necessary to get clear on your novel NOW. 


Are You Ready to Reserve Your Spot? 


Your Posse is Waiting… 




One-time payment of $600

I'm Ready to Join Plantser Posse NOW!

Karen Eastwood

"I wholeheartedly recommend Heather Davis as Book Coach to any author working on a manuscript, whether it's their first or fifth. She brings an objective eye to your work to determine the strengths and weaknesses while offering a wealth of strategies to help you forge ahead with greater clarity. Heather's coaching has been pivotal in helping me overcome specific writing challenges and continue to progress towards completing my manuscript, all the while reminding me to  celebrate the little victories achieved throughout the process. When you think you can't keep going or your self-doubt is threatening to sabotage your writing - Heather is the motivator and cheer squad you need."